Generate higher profits securing 100% fairness for your players through the most compelling game ever.


Blast stands out with its simple and catchy concept. Players place a bet. Once a cannon shoots and the ball goes up, the bet multiplies. However, the tricky part is that nobody knows when the multiplier will stop. So, players need to cash out before they lose. An operator can prove that the result of the game is completely fair as the game is based on the latest cryptographic technology of provably fair gaming. This gives complete transparency to your players because the outcome of each round is predefined by RNG. Defining the minimum/maximum bet amount and the maximum win amount are in the operator’s control. The maximum win amount is calculated by multiplying the bet amount with the coefficient.

Key Features

  • Configurations per partners’ needs

  • Provably Fairness Calculator
  • Game Result Checker
  • Desktop and mobile versions available
  • Auto-bet and auto-cash out features
  • Multi-currency, multilingual
  • Ability to accept two bets for a single round
  • Winter mode
  • Demo view opportunity

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